No Brakes, no gears, no fear

Motorcycle speedway, or more commonly known as ‘speedway’; is a motorcycle sport featuring four riders who compete with specialist vehicles on an oval circuit, performing 4 anti-clockwise laps. The motorcycles used in competition only have one gear and no brakes, and competitors use the sedimented race surface (which usually consists of dirt, loosely packed shale, or crushed rock) to slide their motorcycles sideways, performing powerslides and broadsides into bends in the track. Speedway motorcycles can also reach up to 110km/h on straight sections. 

speedway rankings

Speedway features its own scoring system, known as the ‘3-2-1-0 method’. In this method, first place is awarded three points, second place is awarded two points, and one point is awarded for third place. No points are awarded for fourth place, and the points scored accumulate over the course of the competition, with points contributing to either individual scores or team scores to determine the speedway rankings. As for specific speedway competitions, there currently exist both domestic and international speedway events, including the Speedway of Nations and the Speedway Grand Prix; the latter of which determines the Speedway World Champion. 


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